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Arduino Compatible Dual Motor Shield (MC33932) $23.95


This is a Arduino Compatible Dual Motor Control Shield which uses the Freescale MC33932 H-Bridge Power IC. Each H-bridge in the 33932 is able to control inductive loads with currents up to 5.0A peak. This Shield can drive two (2) DC motors, or one (1) Stepper motor. We have attached some sample Arduino code to demonstrate both these features. RMS current capability is subject to the degree of heatsinking you can provided to the main IC. Internal peak-current limiting (regulation) is activated at load currents above 6.5A ± 1.5A. Output loads can be pulse width modulated (PWM-ed) at frequencies up to 11kHz.


A load current feedback feature provides a proportional (0.24% of the load current) current output suitable for monitoring by a microcontroller’s A/D input. The current ouput is brough out to the ADC pins using a jumper, but the passive components are left unpopulated so you can populate it if nessary for your application. The main traces on this shield are much wider than on the Ardumoto we carry, which makes this shield much more forgiving then the Ardumoto. We have also done a great Getting Started Tutorial on this shield.


Note: We made a mistake on the silkscreen; DirA and DirB are swapped on the silk screen. This has no effect on the function of this shield but we will correct this on our next revision.



  • 5.0V to 40V transient operation (continuous operation from 8.0V to 28V)
  • 5A Peak Output Current
  • 3.3V and 5.0V (TTL / CMOS) logic compatible inputs
  • Over-current limiting (regulation) via internal constant-off-time PWM
  • Output short-circuit protection (short to VPWR or GND)
  • Temperature-dependant current-limit threshold reduction
  • Sleep Mode with current draw < 50μA

Arduino Compatible Dual Motor Shield (MC33932)

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