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EM-18 RFID Reader $19.95


This is a great little RFID Reader Module from Innovations, simillar to the ID models (the difference being no silicone protection on the back). If you need an inexpensive way to get started with RFID, this is a great little module. Just power the module, and it will read any RFID card within range.

It will output the cards ID in a serial string, which can easily be read by any microcontroller. The spacing on the pins is 2.54 mm, which means the module will directly fit on a breadboard.

Here is a great little tutorial we did, to help you get started with this module!

Note: This Module will not work with the Atmega32u2 Developement Board.


  • 5V supply
  • 125kHz read frequency
  • EM4001 64-bit RFID tag compatible
  • 9600bps TTL and RS232 output
  • Magnetic stripe emulation output
  • 100mm read range

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EM-18 RFID Reader

  • 10+
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  • 100+
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