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IOIO OTG By Ytai $25.19


The new IOIO OTG for Android is an upgrade to the IOIO first edition. The OTG is capable of acting like a USB HOST (like the first version IOIO), or USB device (board connects to a computer). Based upon the usb cable connected to the development board it knows which mode to be in. This board uses a PIC24FJ256GB206 microprocessor to act as a host to your Android Phone.

The user creates an app on the phone to send commands to the IOIO which the PIC interprets to control its I/O pins as well as all the peripherals (PWM, A/D, USART, I2C, SPI, etc). The power supply permits 2 amps and has a resettable fuse to assist with current limiting. The power supply pins are arranged in a nice neat fashion where the GND are arranged next to each other.


Processor: PIC24FJ256GB206
4.00 + App V3.30 (SPRK0020.hex) Preloaded. (Recommended by Ytai)

The IOIO-OTG board has a built in 5V and a 3.3V regulator but does not have a DC-DC booster. Therefor it will not work with a single cell 3.7V lipo. You will need to supply the board with between 5-15V.

More Info:
To learn more about the IOIO-OTG, please visit Ytai's github page hereFor more information and updates on the IOIO check out IOIO’s wiki hereYou can also download the latest IOIO firmware and test applications.


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