• Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Micro-controllers
  • Digital & analog sensors
  • LEDs
  • Development boards
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  • Prototyping (CNC/ 3DPrinting/ Laser Cutting)
  • Industrial Design
  • CAD/ Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Electronics/ Circuit Board Design
  • Programming (Hardware & Software)
  • Design for Manufacturing
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  • Injection Molding (Plastic/ Rubber/ Metal +)
  • Circuit Board Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Stencil
  • Packaging
  • Crowdfunding Fulfillment
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AirBeam is an air quality sensor that measures a location’s temperature, relative humidity, and the fine particulate matter, also called PM2.5, in the air. AirBeam records and then shares the data it has collected with the free AirCasting app on the Android platform. Anyone can then view that location’s air quality on HabitatMap’s online platform based on the results uploaded by AirBeam. 

Circuit Board Design   CNC   Firmware Programming   Full Product Design   Industrial and CAD Design   Prototyping   Stencil  

Droplit is a sleek and elegant home control solution and remote that makes the advanced features of smart home platforms conveniently available to everyone in your home. The Droplit Home System, which includes the Droplit Gateway and Droplit Cue remote, controls all of your smart devices, making it easy to get started with your smart home.


Circuit Board Assembly   Packaging  

The energyShield is a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery in the form of an Arduino shield (Uno/Leonardo Compatible). It has three main internal functions including a circuit to boost the battery's nominal voltage of 3.7V to 5V; a lithium-polymer battery charging circuit; and an on-board fuel gauge IC which allows for the measurement of battery voltage, current, and accumulated charge by means of a Two-Wire Interface (TWI/I2C).


Using a Hiro and the companion app can help you locate your misplaced items faster. Connect with the Hiro App to buzz, find, and track where you left the Hiro Bluetooth device that is attached to your valuables. Get notifications on your Smartphone, track the last location of your Hiro as a pin on a map, or you could buzz your Hiro to hear if it’s in the vicinity.

CNC   Prototyping  

The Lovlit Candle is a beautiful new way for people to connect with the ones they love. We've combined the simple and symbolic gesture of lighting a candle with technology, allowing you to connect to other candles anywhere in the world.

3D Printing   Circuit Board Assembly   Circuit Board Design   Full Product Design   Industrial and CAD Design   Injection Molding   Mechanical Engineering   Packaging   Prototyping   Stencil  

USB Micro Light is a cable that allows you to charge and sync your device using your computer or laptop. The USB end can also be connected to a universal AC wall adapter or car adapter to charge your device in any setting. The bright LED light fixed onto the micro USB end helps you easily connect your device correctly when in a darkened area. The product of a successful Kickstarter in 2012, USB Micro Light works with multiple devices such as Android smartphones, a variety of Bluetooth headsets, and cameras.

Circuit Board Assembly   Circuit Board Design   CNC   Consulting   Firmware Programming   Full Product Design   Industrial and CAD Design   Injection Molding   Prototyping   Stencil  

Verti is a smart keychain that communicates with a powerful cloud based app on your smartphone to help you find lost items. Just clip or stick it to whatever you’d like to keep up with, and Verti will let you know, in real time, where your item is located. You can even send an alarm from the smartphone app and Verti will ring loudly so you can easily locate your item’s whereabouts. That’s it! It’s as simple as playing a game of Marco Polo.


3D Printing   CNC   Full Product Design   Industrial and CAD Design   Injection Molding   Mechanical Engineering   Order Fulfillment   Packaging   Prototyping  

Wearality is 3D virtual reality (VR) glasses for the smart phone. It is designed to fold and fit in your pocket. The device supports android and iPhone devices. The device can be described as a theatre in your pocket. The optics technology is derived from 5 years of work at Lockheed Martin for the aerospace and defense industry. The field of view for the optics is greater than any competitor around at 150 degrees.


3D Printing   Circuit Board Assembly   Circuit Board Design   Firmware Programming   Full Product Design   Industrial and CAD Design   Mechanical Engineering   Prototyping   Stencil  

Xopad is a gaming controller designed to hold android phones, and it allow gamers the ability to play games with a joystick, and a full sized D pad. The controller amplified the audio from the game, and the lithium battery pack from the gaming controller acted like a power bank and actually charged the phone.