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How to earn points

You can now earn points by shopping on our website! For every 20 points, you will get $1.00 to spend on our website. You can use these points at anytime; whether you have 1 point or 100 points, discounts will automatically be calculated down to the cent!

Points will expire after 180 days, but you will get an email 5 days before that happens so you can spend those points!


Earn points per order:

Friend Referrals:

You can refer someone to our website by logging into your account and clicking on the "Referral Rewards" link under the My Account tab. There are two different ways to earn these points.

1) If you have a blog page or your own website, you can link to our site using your unique "Referral Link".

2) The second way would be to use the "Invite Friend Via Email" form. The email will contain the message you write and will automatically provide your friends with a link to the site.


This one is pretty simple! You will get 2 points for every Facebook product like you click on.
We are limiting this to 5 likes a day and will not honor points earned by spammers!