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Xopad on JayconSystems

Melbourne, Florida December 7, 2012

On December 30, 2012 Xopad LLC will launch a Kickstarter project to raise funds for Xopad. Xopad is an open source USB game controller for android smartphones with advanced gamepad features. The device allows battery charging, audio and analog joystick commands. It essentially turns your phone into a game console, without the drawbacks of using Bluetooth.

Pre-ordering is done exclusively through The sale of the gamepad will be contingent upon reaching the pre-order goal. It must be met before funds are awarded to the Xopad team. The proceeds will be applied towards injection molds, plastics, circuit boards, assembly, hardware components, wiring, advertising, government approvals, website modification, production costs, transactional fees and delivery.

The Xopad team has years of experience including. From mechanical, aerospace and electrical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing, overseas product sourcing and even organizational management(business). In 2011 two of the team members launched a successful start-up company (Jaycon Systems LLC) making circuit boards to help the open source developers community. This opened the doors lead for to multiple custom projects for clients, which eventually lead the team decided to launch their own project, the Xopad.

Xopad takes advantage of the newest Android Accessary Protocol to interface with devices. Its firmware is upgradable and open source, which will allow developers to modify and improve its capabilities, including on-the-go support through purpose-designed electronics. This talks about the commitment of XOPAD creators to provide better products to the open source community.

The idea evolved from a play-doh concept to a CAD model, to 3d printed models, to a fully functional prototype. The transition took 4 months from concept to creation. That period prior to launch on kickstarter was the ramping up period. They established the ergonomic design, function, firmware, component selection, and located vendors. The campaign ends January DATE. Production will begin the day funds are released.

To visit the Xopad kickstarter project and learn more about the Xopad story go to before the campaign ends on January DATE. Additional images can be found at their blog and on Facebook at