Our aim in this short tutorial, is to show you how to set up the Arduino IDE software to run a sketch.

Note: In this tutorial we assume that you have already downloaded, and configured you Arduino IDE software. If not, refer to our "Setting up Arduino IDE software" tutorial.

Step 1:

Open the Arduino IDE software.

Step 2:

Click File> Examples > Basics> Blink

Step 3:

Click upload. Then observe your sketch blink the onboard LED.

Note: you can add a through hole LED to pin13 and ground on the Arduino UNO. The short pin is always ground. This concludes how to upload a sketch... Now you can start updating the code to watch the LED blink faster or slower. This is based on the delay time updated by you in the code.

Step 4:

Update the code. Then upload the sketch, and watch the LED change.